Devas is a unique personalised satellite-based platform, unlike DTH and VSAT satellite services most people are familiar with.
The Devas satellites are high-power S-band satellites, which means that their signal is strong enough to be received with a small portable device, not a bulky satellite receiver and dish. They provide continuous coverage in all areas of the country.
The gap fillers provide continuity of service in areas the satellites do not reach, such as indoors or between tall buildings. Based on unique technology and network design, gap fillers can efficiently use the same frequencies as the satellite, which enables the devices to maintain a steady connection when between the sky-based and ground-based networks,
a capability heretofore not realized in India.
The terminals are small hand-held devices that deliver Devas’ multimedia, data, and two-way communication services to consumers, government agencies and enterprise customers. Devas has designed and produced a variety of terminals, including multimedia terminals with screens, PC modems for laptop computers, and ruggedized terminals suited for use in challenging terrain and conditions.
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