Devas Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. (Devas), an Indian company headquartered in Bangalore, was founded in 2004 by a team of successful satellite entrepreneurs and executives. Devas has led indigenous innovation in the arena of satellite communications and technologies to establish a next-generation national satellite system that provides vital services to the masses and government agencies across India. The Devas system is uniquely capable of delivering applications for rural development, e-governance, emergency communications, remote connectivity, and strategic services.
Devas will deliver advanced Internet-based multimedia and interactive data services to hand-held mobile terminals via a
unique IP-based platform. Devas’ integrated satellite system ensures seamless connectivity throughout India. In remote areas, users will be able to connect to the network via satellite links using new high-tech mobile terminals. In urban areas where satellite coverage may be blocked, users will be able to connect to the network via terrestrial links. The Devas satellite system integrates several last-mile network access modes, including satellite and wireless networks, into one nationwide platform.
Devas’ portfolio of services includes streaming video, audio and data as well as Web access, infotainment, and social applications. Users can access these services from home or mobile environments in both remote and urban areas through a variety of end-user terminals such as multimedia devices, computer modems, mobile phones, and vehicle-mounted devices. Extending satellite communications service to all Indians will transform local life, supplying critically needed information in agriculture, weather, education and healthcare to name just a few. Bringing personalised connectivity through innovative terminals at village community centres in rural areas will enable a variety of social applications, a key government objective.
Only through a system such as Devas can the urgent challenges of providing societal and developmental applications, emergency communications, strategic services, and connectivity be met, including servicing inaccessible, remote and sensitive areas that cannot be served by conventional terrestrial networks. Devas is uniquely positioned to help India meet its challenges and realize its opportunities by delivering “Advanced Solutions for an Advancing Nation” through:
Innovative Space Technologies
New Horizons in Satellite Communications
Vital National Applications
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