Devas’ innovative satellite platform was specifically designed to deliver vital national applications for remote/rural, societal, strategic, and commercial uses. The unique benefits of the Devas system and applications will be available with the launch of services in 2011.
Devas provides needed connectivity in Rural and Remote regions. Nearly three out of every four people in India live in rural villages across the country and yet they have limited access to the resources and technologies available in urban areas. Forty percent of the nation’s landmass has poor connectivity. The Devas system offers cost-effective remote/rural connectivity and IP-based services that cannot be served by conventional terrestrial systems alone. As a result, Devas enables critical agricultural, meteorological, and e- governance applications that can aid rural/remote areas by connecting them with the rest of India, and the world.
Devas provides a connectivity solution to government agencies and NGOs addressing the Societal Challenges the country faces by focusing on the advancement of healthcare and education. By delivering IP-multicasting and two-way communications services nationwide, Devas enables these organizations to deliver applications such as distance learning and telehealth to cities and villages alike.
The secure connectivity provided by Devas is an asset for Strategic Applications. India is a country that can be affected by man-made and natural emergencies and would benefit from a nationwide disaster warning and emergency alert system. Devas’ reliable and resilient two-way communications can serve as a national crisis communications platform throughout India, including remote areas. Devas’ systems and devices are secure and fully controlled within India, thereby making them ideal for applications where national security is essential.
Devas also offers innovative Commercial Applications to customers. Uninterrupted, universal access to information and entertainment is not available in India, especially to customers on the move. The Devas system delivers infotainment services such as audio and video streaming to fixed and mobile personal entertainment multimedia terminals and devices. Additionally it offers data IP services such as Internet access to fixed and portable mobile terminals and commercial information devices.
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