Devas has partnered with Indian companies and government agencies to create groundbreaking advanced technologies that bring a new paradigm of satellite communications to India. With these advances, Devas is able to offer a portfolio of services that is unique in India.
The Devas system utilises high-powered satellites with spot-beam technology, the first of its kind of commercial use in India. Devas satellites feature the largest-diametre antennae and highest-power traveling-wave tube amplifiers on any Indian satellite to date. In keeping with global trends, the Devas system employs an integrated network with gap fillers to ensure connectivity in areas with line-of-sight blockages.
The system ensures continuity of service across the length and breadth of the nation, including remote areas. These and other technical advances allow Devas to miniaturise its terminals, which do not require a bulky satellite dish to receive a signal.
Devas has emerged as a global leader in the design and development of miniaturised satellite communication terminals and transceivers that provide portability and personalised use. Some of the terminals that are offered by Devas range from large-screened smartphones/PDAs and vehicular/portable media players to USB modems.
The intellectual property embedded in the state-of-the-art Devas platform and its underlying innovation is protected by pending patents. Devas has invested significantly into developing these technologies for space-based communications that are now increasingly in demand in other markets globally.
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